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Dual-Mode, Variable-Valve
or Active Exhaust Systems

Variable valve technology has been used on Ferrari, Lamborghini and other exotic cars for over 20 years.  Now, many cars are equipped with this technology included Alfa Romeo, BMW, Audi, VW and many others.

Factory equipped active exhaust systems are designed to allow the car's ECU to manage the opening and closing of the exhaust valves.  The parameters established keep the valves closed during times of low engine RPM and vehicle speed ... opening the valves at higher engine RPM and vehicles speeds.

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   I just installed this yesterday and wanted to tell you that the product and instructions were excellent, Quality was top notch!!  It made it so easy to install and it works great.  This is my first Ferrari and this was the first thing I did to it.

~ Eric from Iowa

   I've said it once or twice before ...the Forza exhaust controller is absolutely the best low-cost investment you can make to enhance your driving experience. Even my wife asks me to "press button B" on the Forza remote because that race mode exhaust sound on the Alfa Quadrifoglio is pure fun.

~ Simon from New York

   My friend that helped me install the controller is an engineer and he repeatedly said he's never seen this component quality in an automotive product.  There are no CEL issues and no DTC codes being logged by the ECU.  And, most importantly, the sound, at the press of a button, is now fantastic!

~ Eric from Massachusetts

   The Forza kit is an alternative to Capristo.  I have to say the quality is FANTASTIC!  Much better that the Capristo in my opinion.  From the cables and connectors all the way to the housing of the control box.  Plus, it is cheaper !

~ Grant from United Kingdom

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Why Choose Forza?


Designed specifically for automotive applications.  Components are the best available.  Cables are heat and moisture restant.  Approved for use by both the FCC and CE. 


Forza's prices are competively priced with competition.  Compare our cost to any major competitor and you will see that our prices are lower.  You get a better product for a lower price.


All of our products come with a no-questions-asked refund if you are not satisfied.  Controllers are warranted for one year with repair or replacement should anything fail.